Thursday, April 17, 2008

ready for the floor

Above is the playlist from last Friday at DC9 - well, not the whole thing, only what was played beginning with our arrival after the sweaty ecstasy that was Hot Chip (please note the first song - impeccable timing!). And I pretty much stopped dancing after I wore myself jumping around and screaming during "Gay Bar" (though I tried to put some effort forth for the "$20"/"Blue Monday" mash-up), which is fine, as the pinnacle of my dancing was reached with my floor clearing performance during "DVNO". What's not represented though is when after the lights went on some enterprising young broad begged for more Hot Chip and was placated with "Bendable Poseable", during which I took to the completely empty stage and went absolutely fucking nuts. Then I went home. And tried to call Five Guys. But they didn't answer. Sadness. Not really sure why I posted this, but I can't seem to get over how awesome of a night it was. Shit.

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