Tuesday, April 29, 2008

music is the victim

Today sees the release of two albums that I've been pretty pumped about. In the interest of saving the best for last, I'll start with Madonna's Hard Candy, a bit of a departure from her previous dabbling in Euro-disco sound and a return to her more American roots. Unfortunately though things didn't turn out so great. Yes, there are some good songs - "Give It to Me" and "She's Not Me" come to mind (and yes, "4 Minutes") - but overall it's an album that relies too much on its supporting players, including an abundance of Kanye West, which, in my mind, is never a good thing. Give me Confessions any day. On a more positive - if that's the proper term - note, is Portishead's Third, an album 11 years(!!!) in the making that also mark's a significant departure in style compared to Dummy and Portishead but which does so in a wholly successful manner. And hell, the sonics may change, from trip-hop to an even darker, almost psyche-rock style, but the presence of Beth Gibbons' haunting vocals make it all feel deliciously familiar while at the same time somewhat startlingly new. To wit:


With that all said and considered, can we talk about the ridiculous amount of "new", awesome music inundating me right now? Portishead, Cut Copy, The LK, Yelle, Ladytron, Vive la Fete (new to me!) - it's all rather intimidating. Oh, and speaking of Cut Copy, Pitchfork (yeah) posted a review of their show at Coachella, and may I say I couldn't be more excited for May 15th (and 2nd - Robyn! and 11th - Radiohead!):

You know that feeling where you realize that a band you thought was really good actually turns out to be totally fucking awesome? You can see where this is going: Cut Copy are rock stars. I don't think I've seen a group with a greater sense of entitlement to fame since Urge Overkill. "Are you fucking ready, Coachella?" asked guitarist Tim Hoey with equal parts sneer and sincerity; shit, I wasn't ready. Because either the Australian contingent travels extremely well or the fantastic In Ghost Colours is far more (deservedly) popular than I realized ... Cut Copy function more as one of the strongest alchemists of dance and rock music this side of LCD Soundsystem; whether the inordinately shirtless and laddish crowd wanted to spazz or just wild the fuck out, "So Haunted" and closer "Hearts on Fire" allowed for both ... Cut Copy played with a confidence of artists many hits deep, rarely tied to their samplers or guitars; the ease with which leading voice Dan Whitford and Hoey led the crowd into the insane buildup to the first chorus of "Lights & Music" makes me hope that they aren't angling for solo gigs. Anyone not having fun at this show was probably in the first aid tent.
Ugh, I'm so fucking pumped for this show it's fucking disgusting - hopefully the DC kids will actually, ya know, take dancing into consideration. Oh, and one more thing, I must shamefully confess that I downloaded the new Coldplay song (free on their website mind you). However, at the same time I can also proudly attest that it sucks ass. Phew.

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