Thursday, April 3, 2008

a la recherche du temps perdu

As lame as this sounds, I had a blog post all worked out last night, based a souvenir I picked up in Paris, but had to postpone it until today because said post required a scanner. Not surprisingly, I forgot the damned thing at home this morning, so in lieu of what would have been a certifiably brilliant post, I instead present another installment of one of my favorite blogging topics: Here Are Some Awesome Albums, and By Listening to Them You Will Be Almost as Cool as Me. Specifically, some awesome albums that came out in 2007 but, by virtue of the fact that I'm not as cool I think I am, didn't get listened to until 2008 and thus weren't given consideration in my little-cared-about "Best Albums of 2007" tangent. So without further ado...

Muscles, Guns Babes Lemonade
This is the one album I can be sure would've found its way to a top spot on my list. Yes, like most of the stuff I jam these days, it's essentially an electro album, but one possessing a unique emotional quality not found so frequently in the genre these days, attributable to the raw, almost strained vocals of the titular Muscles. Also, the beats are hot as shit. Really fun record, and a definite must-own if you'd rather me not look down on you (that is, not in the literal sense - I am a giant after all).

Modeselektor, Happy Birthday
Yeah, I know what you're saying, big fucking surprise, Stuart really liked a record that has a Thom Yorke song on it. And yes, it was admittedly Thom Yorke that convinced me to check out Modeselektor, not only for his guest spot on "The White Flash" but also because, based on numerous interviews, they're two of his favorite musicians. But aside from all that it's still a damned good record - not as good as their first, Hello Mom (which would sound cooler if I hadn't actually listened to it second), but technically accomplished and infectious as hell. However, I will say that at 70+ minutes it's severely in need of some editing.

Gui Boratto, Chromophobia
Sure, I was seriously into Boratto's track "Beautiful Life" in early 2007, but played it out to the extent that by the time the album came out his existence had slipped my mind. I finally caved after seeing this album pop up on several end of year lists, and was quite thrilled to find a collection of tracks that equalled and even occasionally excelled over "Beautiful Life". Also, I credit this gem with inspiring my current favorite obnoxious music snob phrase, "I'm really into Brazlian minimal techno right now". Thanks Gui! (p.s. I'm not entirely sure how to pronounce your first name - please forgive me)

Of Montreal, Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?
I've actually had this entire album since sometime in 2007 and, embarrassingly enough, aside from a brief, inattentive sampling several months ago I didn't give it any real chance until last week while flying back to DC after a recommendation from Lexi, who I really need more of in my life. Anyway, it's good shit, though I still don't consider myself familiar enough with the record to make any final decision. The only thing I do know is that I really like, plus I've seen the lead singer's penis, which is always a good thing.

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