Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Sure, the below tracklist for the upcoming Radiohead best of CD may be old news, but since I try to distance myself from attempts by greedy labels to squeeze every last cent out of a recently - and successfully - departed band, it's new to me:

01 Creep
02 Anyone Can Play Guitar
03 Pop Is Dead
04 Stop Whispering
05 My Iron Lung
06 High and Dry (UK version)
07 High and Dry (US version)
08 Fake Plastic Trees
09 Just
10 Street Spirit (Fade Out)
11 Paranoid Android
12 Karma Police
13 No Surprises
14 Pyramid Song
15 Knives Out
16 I Might Be Wrong
17 Push Pulk / Spinning Plates
18 There There
19 Go to Sleep
20 Sit Down Stand Up
21 2+2=5 (Live at Belfort Festival)

Notice anything wrong here? Sure, I could squabble with a few questionable choices - example: no "Lucky" - but there's one glaring omission that sticks out like a sore thumb: not a single fucking track from Kid A. Yes, some fucktard at EMI didn't think it prudent to include anything from what is one of Radiohead's best albums (second only to OK Computer in my book) and, by most accounts, one of the greatest if not the best album of the 21st century so far. I do find that it's a record best listened to all the way through, but by no means does that mean I would find egregious an out-of-context listen of "Everything In Its Right Place" or "Idioteque". This, my friends, is completely indefensible. However, on a more positive note, I do appreciate the inclusion of "2+2=5" from Eurockéennes de Belfort - that recording is the tits. And to celebrate my seeing of the best band eva in three and a half weeks (and again in August - w00t!), a live version - from where, I'm not entirely sure - of the aforementioned and neglected "Idioteque", which is not only an awesome recording but also features several instances of Thom pulling up his shirt, which is nice, because I'm a total weirdo and find that diminutive, lazy-eyed fucker super sexy.

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