Tuesday, April 8, 2008

dear av club,

I love you, I really really do. And while like Pitchfork you speak to the quasi-hipster lurking inside of me, I proudly proclaim my addiction to your most wonderful website, from the TV Watch to the Inventories to My Year of Flops (RIP - kinda) to pretty much everything you fuckers do. But we're not here to talk about any of those, today I must discuss with you the Taste Test, a normally entertaining feature that has recently featured such wonderful items as "Pickle Sickles" and "Cheeseburger in a Can" but which today has angered me to some noticeable degree. What, you ask, have you done to stir such resentment in my heart? I'll tell you what: you defiantly stepped away from your usual fare of obviously disgusting and questionable foodstuffs and directly onto something I just so happen to love:

Okay, so I don't really give two shits about all but one of these, the Roast Chicken flavor, which as aptly described in your article tastes like eating chicken skin, an ecstatic experience not properly addressed in your feature. Sure, I guess it seems kind of silly to attack you for not liking a particular product enough, but I guess I just expected more from you. Can I perhaps recommend then something even better?

These, my friend, are officially the best chips on earth, pure fucking ecstasy- perhaps it's the lemon and thyme that take them from "it tastes like eating chicken skin" to "OMG this fucking rocks - are you sure I'm not eating delicious chicken skin?". Also, in regards to a future feature, ketchup flavored chips are indeed seriously fucking awesome.


P.S. Call me strange, but despite what you said in your review I still consider myself in the market for a chip that tastes like cocktail sauce. Anyone?

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