Wednesday, April 2, 2008

dear arthur,

I really appreciate the plane ticket to ATL, I really really do, but what kind of cold, callous bastard are you to deprive Anna and me of this:

Perhaps you have something against cruising "through the dusky streets riding your own Segway Transporter", but must you impose your prejudices on more open-minded folk like us? Have you no heart Mr. York???

Bonus: it's a well-known fact that almost all Segway tour companies are staffed by really hot guys. Though admittedly I have my doubts about the one leading a ghost tour (though his surely intense interest in wraiths and perhaps vampires is possibly enough to land him some alone time with the Stumachine).

Stuart (and possibly Anna)

P.S. Seriously though, thank you immensely for the ticket - your level of rockage is beyond comprehension.

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Rudy's Mamma said...

Definitely include me on the sign-off for that blog. I find it repulsively unfair that it costs 60$ to ride a segway through the haunted streets of ATL. The day I see my precious riding on a segway is the day I die of a laugh overdose. I absolutely fucking HATE this comment and as I'm typing it, I'm simulatneously (didn't have to spell check that btw) debating eating fistfulls of rat poison.