Monday, March 3, 2008

paradise regained

Yep, my faith in the second-greatest online company has been restored now that I am able to add the first season of Twin Peaks to my queue. However, as you'll see, I'm actually more psyched about the region 1 release of the 2003 political thriller State of Play, wonderfully starring David Morrissey, Bill Nighy and ::swoon:: James McAvoy. There's an American remake in the works - most likely the impetus for this release - and while I'm not too keen on the whole idea, especially considering that several big names dropped out recently, it does have Helen Mirren, and if Teaching Miss Tingle, um, taught us anything it's that her presence can make even the most worthless dreck watchable. And speaking of ::swoon:: James McAvoy, I only recently, through B's assistance, found out about Shameless, the critically acclaimed Channel 4 dramedy featuring that most sexy of Scottish actors, which, as indicated by the above graphic, I'm also rather stoked about. All this, and I'm supposed to start watching Battlestar: Galactica to fill the inevitable space opera void left by the imminent departure of Firefly from my life. In related news, I'm officially obsessed with my Netflix queue.

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