Monday, March 10, 2008

night note

Check the top right corner of this blog. Yeah, I'm even more of a nerd/art fag than I realized. Also, is it even possible to jam to this shit? More quietly sipping a glass of wine and picturing the Spanish countryside to. But seriously, this shit is the TITS.

In other, more exciting news, Shameless is like my new favorite show. I mean, shit, not only is it incredibly written, wonderfully acted, and hilarious to boot (confession: I'm watching it with subtitles, cause seriously, some of those blokes are impossible to understand), but I've only watched one episode and I've seen James McAvoy's ass twice. If ever there were a man I wanted to make precious Scottish babies with...

Also, witness my jealousy transcending from fiction to reality as I just learned upon finding this picture that he and the actress that plays Fiona (pictured above) are married in real life.


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Rowdy said...

Re: Vangelis

This I liked - still stuck in my hippie era otherwise...