Thursday, March 6, 2008

more to say?

Not really, just a reaffirmation of the fact that I'm very happy that Christian won last night, and that his victory over Rami can pretty much be entirely credited to the presence of my future BFF, Victoria Beckham. That's not to say that all of the collections weren't fantastic*, as it was easily the best and closest competition the show has seen, but Christian was, in my mind, the clear winner, not only for the art he instilled in both his designs and in the runway presentation itself, but also in the fact that, as she herself disclosed, Posh would pretty much wear everything that was sent down the catwalk. Also, I feel I should also add that some ado is being made on the internets regarding his treatment of the models - essentially telling them (jokingly, but not really) not to eat, and admonishing them for bitching about the (GORGEOUS) shoes - going so far as to call it misogynistic, but seriously, they're fucking models, their job is to be skinny, wear uncomfortable shit, and look amazing doing it before disappearing into the night to do massive rails off each other's barely developed chests, so I firmly believe he was perfectly in the right. And on a final note, Bravo, remember when I bitched about you not including certifiably awesome footage in the episodes themselves?

Perfect fucking example.

*though that's not to say there weren't exceptions, specifically that gold, Princess-Leia nighty that Jillian sent down the runway - barf

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Rowdy said...

And if I was Christian I would have shot the bitch that showed up at the last minute!