Thursday, March 6, 2008

a little late

So I have a new song obsession, one that I embarrassingly missed out on for months: "Last Flowers Til Hospital". And not only am I ashamed due to the length of time it took for me to realize how awesome it is, but it's a fucking Radiohead song, and I'm supposed to be on that shit immediately. Given, it's on the bonus CD that came with the discbox version of In Rainbows, and in all honesty, while it does contain some great tracks - "Bangers & Mash", and the absolutely sublime "4 Minute Warning - the rest just seemed kind of "meh" to me. And while I still pretty much feel the same way about the other songs, "Last Flowers" will certainly be joining the other two aforementioned tracks in things I overplay WAY too much. Anyway, enjoy!

Note: In my defense, I totally jammed the live version from the Trade Justice vigil back in April '05, so I think my Radiohead credibility is pretty much in tact. Also, the rest of my obsession at the moment is dedicated to Modeselektor's "White Flash" which features Thom Yorke - already posted an mp3 of that a couple of weeks ago, so if you wanna hear something else truly awesome and gorgeous which easily outshines some of the stuff on The Eraser, I highly advise seeking it out.

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