Friday, March 14, 2008

lil' jen, she never tells the truth

I was involved in a very serious debate with Jen this morning, one that addressed a topic that should be on every good American's mind: do vampires show up in photographs. The position she took, that because there is a mirror in a camera, and vampires don't have reflections, they cannot be photographed, was totally dubious. Yes, there is a mirror in a camera, but only to display the to-be photographed image in the viewfinder, thus I maintained that vampires can, indeed, be photographed, but I did concede to the fact that were you in the process of photographing someone, and a vampire suddenly appeared, you would not be able to see it through the viewfinder, which is absolutely terrifying. Not only did we cover much ground during this passionate conversation, but three other things of massive import were discovered:

1. A website about ghosts, which featured this image:

The headline: "Ghost? Vampire? Real photo." Now, I understand, websites about the paranormal aren't exactly bastions of rationality, but vampire? Really? I mean, is there anything there to indicate the presence of a vampire? Furthermore, this notion isn't addressed at all in the text, just in the headline.

2. Dogs which participate in the Iditarod should be referred to as "iditadogs". In this same vein, the website should be renamed Am I the only one who thinks this is really obvious?



Anonymous said...

OK Stuart, how about this NEW and as yet untested argument for why you cannot take a picture of a vampire: in order to expose the film, you must have a minimum amount of light, and I would argue that the minimum would be too much for any true vampire to bear (unlike the people who work at my Rite-Aid, the source subject of this entire conversation). In which case you'd have to resort to a flash, and, let's face it, that flash of light would mean instant death for a vampire (or at least seriously maim them).

I think it goes without saying that digital photography is not at play here.

Love, Jen, opposed to all things vampirific.

Rudy's Mamma said...

As the only person out of the 3 of us who as actually SEEN a ghost (Dettra's upstairs room whilst precious Jen slept beside me) I think my opinion on Vampires holds the most clout. Vampires Can NOT be seen in photographs. No....duh.