Friday, February 8, 2008

you be the judge

So they're all up, and Christian's is still my favorite, though I wish he would've thrown some skirts into the mix. Anyway, below are my favorites from each collection - the images will link to their individual page on BPR. Enjoy!


Note: This and the dress on the original Christian post are vying for my top spot, but I think I'm gonna go for the latter.


Sweet P


Yeah, you can't even really see the dress, but none of Chris's collection really wowed me - sadly, his might be the worst, though Sweet P's does kind of suck frequently and egregiously - except this scarf, which I absolutely love.


So yeah, it's definitely either Christian's or Rami's game, though I give the edge to Christian as he sent out nothing that offended me and every outfit had at least one thing I loved about it. Oh, and in the ultimate collision of my two homo-rific Wednesday obssessions:

Yes, that's Jaslene and Bianca (smile with your eyes honey!) from America's Next Top Model. There's some serious mind reeling action going on over here.

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Rowdy said...

I agree - Christian rocks. And to think that i thought he was a girl when my TV was on mute (as usual. a 70's habit I've never outgrown. i figure it stimulates the brain when you are always trying to figure out what the hell is going on?!) Additionally, for a 21 year old, truly genius! I'd wear his stuff if I could.