Wednesday, February 27, 2008

turns out, not much more

Last night I said I'd have more to say about my newfound adoration for Amon Tobin, one that's kind of embarrassing as he seems to have been at his most popular some ten years ago, but I guess I don't. I'm still stuck on his newest album, Foley Room, which is simply gorgeous in its combination of orchestral music, found sound (see title) and "traditional" electronics, and have yet to peruse his back catalogue, which is where one finds his best material, at least according to the the simultaneously loved and hated Pitchfork, who gave his debut album under his real name (he recorded previously under the moniker "Cujo"), Bricolage, a 10.0, an honor bestowed upon only a select few, among them OK Computer, Kid A, and In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (three of my favorite albums of all time, coincidentally - or not). I was going to post the first single off Foley Room, "Bloodstone", a delightfully haunting, ridiculously awesome track he recorded with the Kronos Quartet, but I failed at finding an .mp3 - a FREE .mp3 - in the intertubes. Perhaps I'll post it tonight, in between watching the 2nd, i.e. 1st real, episode of the new cycle of Top Model (new theme - everyone's busted!) and the penultimate episode of Project Runway, but until I then, I pretty much suck at blogging. And life. Oh well, here's another pic of the bangin' Tobin, this one free of smeared blood and the whole crime scene vibe, which means it's not nearly as cool. Sexier, perhaps, but cooler? Not hardly.

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