Monday, February 4, 2008

thoughts before bed

1. Just as soon as I'd come to grips with deciding to NOT watch Bravo's Make Me Supermodel, being as it is nowhere near as entertaining as ANTM as well as featuring boys who make me feel like I REALLY need to get my ass to the gym, they had to go and pull this shit.

First of all, fuck you Bravo, and second, I'm still convinced that, like almost all Nashville-born reality show participants, I've either met or quite possibly hung out with this Ben character. And for the record, Brooke from The Real World is, like in the show, a total bitch in person.

2. I know I mentioned this before, but the new Hot Chip album is, from what I've digested so far, fucking awesome. Unfortunately I haven't satisfactorily explored the later parts of the album, 'cause I really can't stop listening to the amazing, terribly catchy first song, "Out at the Pictures".

3. Don't know what's going on over at the Photobucket headquarters, but apparently my blurry screencap of a nude Aidan Gillen (aka Tommy Carcetti) has violated their terms of service. I'd kind of understand - you know, nudity, whatever - if it weren't directly adjacent in my album to a picture of a zombie wound fucking some dead guy's stomach.

4. Has anyone seen my disc 2 of The Corner? I really don't want to pull the old "lost in the mail" trick again, 'cause not only do I feel bad lying to such a wonderful company, but, more importantly, I'm really afraid they're gonna catch on one of these days.

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