Saturday, February 2, 2008


I have MTV on mute in the background - defense: I was TiVo'ing True Life earlier today, and I defy anyone to say that isn't an awesome show - and I just saw two amazing commercials in a row, one involving a precious diminutive unicorn in a rodeo and the other a not-as-but-still-precious fluffy white cat leaping through the air while some man stood there sans pants. I'm not sure what they were for, and I'm not going to rewind to find out 'cause I'm too busy jamming the shit out of the new Hot Chip album, but I just wanted to note that I thoroughly enjoyed their imagery. Two more things to add: that I now have internet back, thanks to the wonderful Verizon technician who, while not showing up until 11:45 after I walked home this morning in the bitter cold to meet the 8-12 window, managed to repair the utter fuck-up job Wednesday's technician performed; and that the LOST premiere was fucking awesome. And yes, I watched the hour-long recap before. And yes, I cried when they showed Charlie's death scene. And again when they showed it in the actual premiere. And when Hurley told Claire he was dead. Also, (SPOILER) Charlie's looking even hotter with his new haircut. Even if he's, um, dead. Yeah.

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