Tuesday, February 12, 2008

music notes

Two things of note:

1. Big news, news probably deserving of its own post, but I'm (literally) sick and tired so I'm trying to streamline things. From Yorke & Co., aka Radiohead, aka my reason for living, confirmed dates for the first half of their North American tour, with the band hitting DC on May 11. Not all is good in the world though, as despite previous indications that they'd be playing closer to the city center the show will be at the Nissan Pavilion, which if I recall is better than Merriweather but still, I'm pretty peeved. And $55 for reserved seating? Bollocks. Never thought I'd be so negative about a Radiohead concert, but I was really gunning for an RFK show. Oh well, I'm sure it'll still kick ass.

2. Good times at DC9 this weekend. On Saturday the club is having it's 4th anniversary party, with a bunch of bands I don't care about and Gogol Bordello collaborator DJ Dubta, and on Sunday is Taint, and you know my ass will be all up in that shit all sweaty and gross and possibly with unattractive Sparks mouth.

3. Yes, I'm listening to Pansy Division right now. Eat it.

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