Thursday, February 14, 2008

fact report

1. Forever 21 is apparently run by born-again Christians who promote designers that are freakishly religious and, I don't know, fellate Jesus on a weekly basis.

2. One time, Anna, Bianca, Arthur and I went to this tiny, but cute, boutique somewhere in Georgetown - on 33rd, I think - and found this really cute red top. We were suspicious about the lack of tags in the garment, but we figured, what the hell, especially since it had a small, easily repairable hole along the seam that would certainly mean a significant cut off the original $40 sticker price. So Bianca took it up to the salesgirl, mentioned the minor damage, but was rebuffed when she asked for a discount, so we said fuck this place and instead went to the temple of high fashion otherwise known as Pentagon City. Specifically, to Forever 21. Where we found the exact, and I mean exact, same red top. For $10. So fuck you random boutique. You're totally going on my black list of stores that suck. Just as soon as I remember your name. Or location. Blow me.

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Arturo Fantastico said...

oh, snapple, I remember that day! I had actually been sent from the store on a trip to the food court to get someone a regular Coke though, so I missed the fun part. thank you for reliving it here for my amusement.