Wednesday, February 13, 2008

art faggotry

I got interested in the photography of Lori Nix after seeing some of her work featured on boingboing a while back, as her decidedly accomplished work in miniature is reminiscent of two of my favorite contemporary artists, Jake and Dinos Chapman (aka the Chapman Brothers), specifically their work Hell (sadly lost in the Momart warehouse fire, making it another one of the badass things I saw on my trip to London that will NEVER be seen again, suckers), though lacking in the latter's Nazis and mutants and skeletons fucking/mutilating/eating each other's brains/etc. Anyway, it turns out that her latest series, The City, depicting abandoned and decaying urban settings in gorgeous, hyper-real miniatures, is on display in DC at the Randall Scott Gallery. So the question is, who the fuck's going with me?

And what the hell, a bit o' Chapman Brothers ultraviolence to angry up the blood: