Friday, January 18, 2008


Well I've passed the point in the day when I've usually posted something, but I haven't, so it's started to look like I won't. Though I guess this is something, but at the same time, um, [see subject line]. Oh, and I really want to see Cloverfield - anyone? Not that that's likely to happen, as I still haven't seen There Will Be Blood, Sweeney Todd, or The Orphanage, so apparently I just can't work up the energy to make it to the theater. Oh well, back to making barely passable beats on a simulated 909 (seriously people, check/rock that shit out).

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Rudy's Mamma said...

"Cloverfield" is gonna suck Cunt. "blood' and "orphanage" will rock. Have you seen "Severence"?