Wednesday, January 16, 2008

new old jam

I've had Italo Disco classic "Take a Chance" by Mr. Flagio on my computer for at least a year, having downloaded it from one of Rich's extensive posts on the genre, but never got around to actually listening to it until recently. Shame it's taken this long, 'cause that shit is my straight up jam right now.

It's inspired me to embark on a more in depth exploration of the Italo Disco scene, beginning with the obvious choice of I-F comp Mixed Up in the Hague Vol. 1 (see sidebar). A lot of the artists I'm into today - Chromatics, Glass Candy, Vitalic, Lindstrom, etc. - are all heavily inspired by the genre, so I thought it prudent to see where it all began, both the great (Mr. Flagio, Fockewulf 190, Giorgio Moroder, etc.) and the genuinely terrible (unfortunately, a good 75% of it). Anyway, the real point of this post is to get more people to realize how amazing "Take a Chance" is, so seriously, listen to that shit.

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