Thursday, January 31, 2008

dear verizon,

You suck. You seriously, seriously suck. I don't know what you stupid fuckers did, but for some reason my telephone line has not worked since January 17th, meaning that as of yesterday my TiVo no longer has any programming information and I am going to have to manually record both LOST (w00t!) and Friday Night Lights - what is this, the time of Charlemagne? Also, I really liked it when you sent that technician out on Wednesday who not only did absolutely nothing to fix or even diagnose the problem, but he also, some way or another, managed to disconnect my internet. So here I am, no TiVo and no internet, like some pathetic drunken peasant. Why don't you just call PEPCO and have them shut off my electricity as well you fucking worthless cocksuckers? God you people disgust me.

Eat shit,

P.S. Oh, you're sending another technician out? And it may cost me money? And it's on Saturday morning? I can taste the bile already.

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