Tuesday, January 29, 2008

danish scum!

Last week I wrote an email to Netflix, informing them that even though they're an amazing company and that I'm in love with pretty much everything they do, I was rather disappointed and, moreso, confused that they didn't have the first season of Twin Peaks (yes Kenny, I know Blockbuster has it, so shut your mouth) available, especially considering the recent release of the definitive Gold Box edition. In the same email, I also inquired about the availability of several other titles I was interested in, first and foremost, the second series of Riget/The Kingdom, Lars von Trier's 1994 horror/drama/black comedy about a haunted Danish hospital. Well, there's still no sign of Twin Peaks, but today I learned that Riget II (NOT available at Blockbuster, fyi) has finally been released on Region 1 DVD, and it's now at the top of my queue! Anyway, I highly recommend you check it out - the supernatural, Danes, xenophobic Swedes, cafeteria workers with Downs Syndrome who act as a Greek chorus, what's not to love? And for the record, to anyone at all familiar with Lars von Trier's oeuvre - Dancer in the Dark, Dogville, etc. - this is stuff will come as a complete, and pleasant, surprise. Also, please note that this is leaps and bounds above Stephen King's 2004 remake which, while I haven't seen it, is I am sure complete dreck compared to the original.


mrkenny83 said...

Just an FYI - Blockbuster has the first season of Twin Peaks.

toby said...

i have a buddy here who works for netflix, so i've made an inquiry for you.