Thursday, January 17, 2008

another week, another posting of a shitload of radiohead videos

More live stuff, this time from their performance last night in London, originally planned as an in-store appearance at Rough Trade but moved to 93 Feet East after, shockingly, a whole lot of fucking people showed up. Unlike my previous post, the enterprising youtuber who uploaded these videos made it so that the clip for each track can be accessed by a fancy little menu at the bottom. Looks like they played the complete In Rainbows plus a few extra songs - haven't even gotten a chance to watch this, as last night I was busy getting shitty and watching Project Runway (how the fuck is Ricky still on there??? more on that later...maybe) and this morning I'm at, ugh, work, but I can assure you, from what little I sampled, it's awesome. No surprises.


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